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Thank you for your interest in grant writing support offered by the April Parker Foundation APWorks Business Navigation Program. We are excited to learn more about your organization and the impactful project you are planning to implement. This intake form is designed to gather essential information that will help us better understand your organization’s mission, project scope, and alignment with the grant’s objectives.

Please take a few moments to provide the requested information in the following sections. Your responses will play a crucial role in evaluating the potential impact and alignment of your project with the grant’s objectives.

Key Points

One-on-One Consultation

“Guidance Tailored to You” – Individualized support and feedback for each nonprofit.

Expert Grant Writing Assistance

“Craft Compliant Proposals” Get help with narrative, budget, and technical aspects.

Final Review and Debrief

“Learn and Improve” – Pre and Post submission analysis to enhance your proposal.

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