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Health Equity

APHealth provides gender, disability, and culturally affirming health education and health care navigation services to historically disinvested communities.


Community Outreach

We undertake direct and partner outreach that is sensitive to the specific needs, and communication styles of the communities we serve. We undertake engaging and interactive community outreach in the form of community events, canvassing, phone banking, partnership collaborations, and social media outreach to target prospective beneficiaries. Outreach methods to engage with eligible applicants are always translated into target languages and disseminated to varied ethnic groups through partners and community-based cultural support organizations.


Health Navigation

Our Community Health Workers (CHW) provide outreach, engagement, and health navigation to beneficiaries that are seeking gender, disability and culturally affirming health education and health care. They work closely with each beneficiary to identify their physical wellness and mental health care needs and create a plan to provide them the service that they need by matching them with affirming wellness physical and mental health care providers.



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